About company

Belinor Textile was established at year 2006 and in same 2006 became a member of Estonian Chamber Commerce and Industry. We are official representative of Orsha Linen Mill in EU.

Years of work in textile industry gave us a priceless experience and we are always try to provide to our clients best choice, service and affordable prices.

We are kindly invite you to try our linen goods and feel their beauty!

About linen

Linen fabric, probably, one of the most ancient in the world. Flax for Egyptians was cleanliness and luxury symbol. For its unique properties flax often name “textiles gold”.

Flax is much stronger than a cotton, twice more proof to destruction on light, products from the flax are perfectly stored, well transfer temperature differences and the most rigid washings then become softer.


If you are interested in our production you can write to us for receive additional information about terms and conditions.